Martin Trampus will take over the management of the company as of January 1, 2022. Thomas Herzog, Daniela Stutz and Martin Trampus complete the board of directors. Six months later, the companies change their names to "OPTEX Treuhand AG" and "OPTEX Audit AG" with the claim "FIDUCIARY. Tax. Consulting. Audit."

At this point, the companies receive a completely new corporate identity.

Hugo Herzog hands over the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors to Thomas Herzog.


Thomas Herzog takes over the management of the company.

As part of our 25th anniversary, new market presence. The company name was changed to "Herzog AG Wirtschaftsberatung und Treuhand".


The long-time employees, Mr. Martin Keller and Mr. Thomas Herzog become partners of the company. As a result, all mandate managers will become shareholders of the company at the same time. This ensures continuity in the interest of our clients. At the same time, the name is changed to "Herzog - Wirtschaftsberatung und Treuhand AG". A first website is launched.

First rise of the company: Expansion of the office premises at Rosenstrasse 2 in Kriens by moving from the 1st floor to the 2nd and 3rd floors.


Relocation to the current address, Rosenstrasse 2 in Kriens. The expanded space allowed for continuous growth. Foundation of the sister company Revia AG for the area of statutory audits.

Foundation of "H. Herzog Treuhand AG" by Mr. Hugo Herzog, current Managing Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors. First office premises were occupied at Seeburgstrasse 2 in Lucerne. Employment of a fiduciary assistant.