Qualified employees are our most important asset. Our well coordinated team
is committed to you with a great deal of expertise and a high level of
Martin Trampus Portrait Martin Trampus GIF

Martin Trampus

managing partner 

BSc in economics HSLU 

certified public accountant

Daniela Stutz Portrait Daniela Stutz GIF

Daniela Stutz


certified fiduciary expert 

VAT-Expert NDK 

Thomas Herzog Portrait Thomas Herzog GIF

Thomas Herzog


certified fiduciary expert 

financial planner, federal diploma of higher education  

Ivo Zemp Portrait Ivo Zemp GIF

Ivo Zemp


certified fiduciary expert 

licensed audit expert

Arno Schürmann Portrait Arno Schürmann GIF

Arno Schürmann


certified fiduciary expert 

licensed audit expert

Thomas Bühlmann Portrait Thomas Bühlmann GIF

Thomas Bühlmann

mandate manager 

certified fiduciary 

AbaWeb support 

Susanne Arnold Portrait Susanne Arnold GIF

Susanne Arnold

internal accounting

Leo Daeniker Portrait Leo Daeniker GIF

Leo Daeniker

commercial employee in apprentice

Ursula Fluri Portrait Ursula Fluri GIF

Ursula Fluri

specialist in social insurance  

with federal certificate 

office manager

Lea Herzog Portrait Lea Herzog GIF

Lea Herzog

certified fiduciary

Maria Eduarda Hossmann Portrait Maria Eduarda Hossmann GIF

Maria Eduarda Hossmann

fiduciary clerk

Ronja Klöckner Portrait Ronja Klöckner GIF

Ronja Klöckner

chartered specialist in accounting and financial management 

federal diploma of higher education

Sandra Leisibach Portrait Sandra Leisibach GIF

Sandra Leisibach

fiduciary clerk

Fabio Schürch Portrait Fabio Schürch GIF

Fabio Schürch

certified fiduciary


Jérôme Wyrsch Portrait

Jérôme Wyrsch

In Ausbildung zum Kaufmann EFZ


Hugo Herzog



Martin Keller Portrait Martin Keller GIF

Martin Keller